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Kazuma Yagami
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((RP Journal. For non-profit entertainment uses only. This too cool character is from the Kaze No Stigma anime series. CONTAINS SPOILERS.))

History: At the age of eighteen, Kazuma Kannagi was disowned by his family, his father in particular for he was so disappointed in him. Kazuma had lost easily to a distant relative, Ayano Kannagi, to wield the sacred fire sword, Enraiha. He wasn't born with the talent to control the elemental magic of fire like the rest of them.

His mother gave him a credit card as an aid to help him find his own way of life, but no more after that. Heartbroken and distraught, Kazuma left the country of Japan to China. Before crossing paths with the sweet young woman Tsui Ling, he had the desire to have great power and caused all kinds of trouble in the meantime--drinking booze and getting into bar fights, flirting and getting into one night stands with women...the typical things a troubled guy would get himself into.

He changed his last name to Yagami, since barely anyone was there for him with open arms to convince him to stay.

While falling in love and eventually living with Tsui Ling, Kazuma had changed into a completely different person. He worked part time with her in a restaurant and did simple odd jobs as a freelancer. Kazuma couldn't have been happier. He even admitted to Tsui Ling that living with her was living a good dream.

One evening, Tsui Ling wanted Kazuma to protect her, always. Without a second of hesitation, Kazuma promised her he would.

Later, his happiness was brought to an abrupt end as an organization of modern magic users murdered Tsui Ling in front of him. Kazuma was hurt and powerless to save her as she was used as a sacrifice to summon a powerful demon.

Blaming himself, Kazuma once more sought out for great power. He made a contract with the Wind Spirit King and became a wind magic user and Contractor. As a Contractor, he could ask the spirits of the Wind all around the atmosphere to entrust him with their power, or even tap into the Wind Spirit King's power to amplify his abilities. This great, great power however put a strain on his body after using it.

Sometime after he first became a Wind Contractor, Kazuma killed the leader of that organization, Armagest, and went elsewhere.

Two years prior to returning to his home country, he was a mean, scary, and seemingly demonic man who went all over the world doing tasks for others for very large wages. Some people dubbed him as the Grim Reaper, for he did not hesitate to hurt, even kill, others as long as he got the job done.

When he did return, at age twenty-two, he changed once again for good after reuniting with Ayano and his younger brother, Ren. There was some good in him before that, realizing that all this aggression he had was pointless. He swore to himself to use his powers to protect anyone around him. Kazuma told himself that was the reason why he made a contract with the Wind Spirit Lord. He sealed away his past to the back of his mind and never said anything to anyone about Tsui Ling.

Kazuma still had stone cold hatred for his father Genma, who had banished him. He defeated Genma in combat, but did not kill him. He called a hospital and gave the location for paramedics to find him.

Kazuma was being accused of taking out members of the Kannagi family, and he sensed the dark wind magic of someone else who was setting him up. Reluctantly, Ayano and Kazuma teamed up to go rescue Ren, who was kidnapped to be used as a sacrifice by the family who was seen as inferior by the Kannagis who sealed away their demon lord. After witnessing the horrible death of dear Tsui Ling, Kazuma wouldn't have that happen again. Even if the head of the Kannagi family (Jugo) hadn't agreed to pay him a lot of cash to rescue Ren to help maintain his honor, he would have done it behind his back--probably with that literally hot tempered cousin Ayano fighting alongside him.

Seeing that things have calmed down in Tokyo, he took residence in expensive hotel rooms--more than one for trouble always followed Kazuma. Either he or the bad guys he went into combat with destroyed the buildings.

Ayano and Kazuma were arranged to work together more often by the Kannagi leader--who wanted them to fall in love. Kazuma, unlike Ayano who was oblivious to her father's subtleties, knew that he was trying again and again to match them up. Each time, it ended in utter failure, or disaster.

As for Ren, Kazuma began to have a soft spot for his brother, especially after the poor kid had all too short good times with a human clone who was made to last only a month by the Tsuwabuki Family, a powerful clan of earth magic users. Ayumi was created to be sacrificed to contain a titan of a beast within Mt. Fuji, to keep it from getting back out again.

Kazuma liked Ren's crazy idea to try and slay the beast to save darling Ayumi from being a sacrifice--with Ayano backing them up. There was no way to defeat the monster by themselves. It was too strong. In striving to live the rest of her days with Ren, Ayumi emitted her power to help Ren, Ayano, and Kazuma defeat it. She had given too much of her power and died in Ren's arms.

Jugo Kannagi assigned Kazuma to be his daughter's partner and bodyguard in various investigations too, not just send them to the amusement park and to a hot springs resort on vacation. Kazuma encountered Genma over at the hot springs a number of times. He still hated his old man, since he was still looking down at him. They broke into fist fights, treating each other as enemies--yet they hadn't actually killed each other. They'd both pull away whenever Genma's girlfriend (a Tokyo detective that worked on cases similar to Ayano's and Kazuma's) announced that Genma's meal was getting cold, or to usher him before all the hot water's used up in the baths.

In the middle of all this, Kazuma's feelings for Ayano gradually grew, but he would never admit it, not even to himself. He'd close up and act like a jerk, and a bit of a pervert too.

When a bunch of teenagers in Tokyo began to have various powers all of a sudden, it was the cause of the new chairman of Armagest who saw it all as fun and games, watching a play unfold. Kazuma had let Bernhardt Rhodes live around the time he avenged the death of Tsui Ling, but he realized that was a mistake. First, Kazuma let one of those teenage attackers slip away while he had seen a look-alike of his sweetheart. Kazuma became troubled and drifted off, not paying attention to all went on during this important investigation. Then, as the next part of bait to lure him in, Ren had been captured by Bernhardt.

Ayano, Kazuma, and Detective Kirika Tachibana (the woman who was with Genma on vacation) stormed Bernhardt's magical mansion to rescue Ren. Ayano had fought a tough battle with Tsui Ling's look alike, who introduced herself as Lapis. The very sight of her and Bernhardt's overall taunting had deeply upset Kazuma as they got away.

Kazuma went off on his own, thinking of Tsui Ling and the happy life they've had together. Just after that, in seeing Lapis's face in the middle of reminiscence, he became extremely upset, his anger and rage of Bernhardt consuming him, reverting him back to that aggressive guy he promised himself to never be again.

Back as the Grim Reaper, he hunted the teenagers who were slowly transforming into demons and outright killed them or gravely injured them while reading their minds for the whereabouts of Pandemonium, Bernhardt's mansion.

Only Ayano was able to snap Kazuma out of it, reminding him of why he made a contract with the Wind Spirit King; to protect others. And when he did, together with Ren, they defeated the hand of Belial--the strongest of all Youma (demons).

When that was over and done, Kazuma knew he was capable of making more room in his heart for Ayano and Ren, not just Tsui Ling. Ayano may at times have acted like a spoiled brat with a short fuse, but he realized these deep feelings for her he had hidden away inside himself were for real. Ayano, in getting the Kazuma she knew back to his old self, had said she looked up to him. Her own concealed feelings she had for him were real too.

Bernhardt and Lapis still live, and without a doubt will try to summon Belial again. Kazuma, Ayano, and Ren would prepare themselves to stop them once they do.

Personality: Kazuma would seem aloof, arrogant, and selfish at first glance; persisting for a lot of money when it comes to a job, or taking advantage of a lady without Ayano being there to try and burn him. But whenever he sees anyone in serious trouble, he somehow cannot fight the feeling that he should do something to help them. Whether they'd be total strangers or people he knows, Kazuma absolutely cannot just watch or ignore a circumstance in which someone could get hurt, or killed. Deep inside what wall he'd put up to keep others from getting too close to him is a genuinely good heart and soul.

Toward a woman in distress, he acts like like a gentleman. This girl he knew from childhood wanted to avenge the death of her brother--he had been bluntly honest to her about being unable to save her brother Takeya during the time when the wind user perpetrator Ryūya Kazamaki had used him as a scapegoat to direct the Kannagi family's attention to go after Kazuma instead of going after the Kazamaki family. Misao Ogami wanted Kazuma dead, and he didn't blame her at all. He only worried about her, and willingly let her take her anger out on him, but never let her actually hurt him.

The one person he never hid any affections from is Ren. Ren is the only family Kazuma truly loves and cares about. He's also fallen in love with Ayano. Anyone who'd remind him of Tsui Ling that's not a emotionless doll that looks like her, he'd care a lot about. Anyone like Ren he'd rather let them live a safe and good life than let them suffer.

When it comes to people like the Tsuwabuki clan or murdering bastards who like to take innocent lives for kicks, he's disgusted at them. He'd either beat the hell out of them or cause trouble for them wearing a scary mischievous expression. When it comes to the absolute sadists such as Bernhardt and Lapis, they piss him off. Anyone who kidnaps or does any harm towards Ren also causes Kazuma to get angry.

Kazuma also likes to keep his past, some personal stuff, and the fact he's a Wind Contractor known to as few people as possible. Anything that's related to Tsui Ling he keeps to himself. He doesn't talk about her, for losing her is his most painful memory ever.

Showing off his stuff a little around others however is something different, as long as it's not for too many people to see. He'll get defensive and threaten to kick anyone's ass if he hears them talk to him like they know him when he doesn't--or if they've heard a great deal about him.

Towards attractive women who aren't in life and death situations, Kazuma does somewhat act like a pervert around them. Any woman who says she'd do anything for Kazuma had better be cautious. Unless there's someone around to stop him from taking total advantage or if she's dense or oblivious to the point he's getting ideas... Use your imagination to finish that sentence.

If anyone who's not very powerful as Ayano (or even Ren) ever happens to see his eyes glow red with the intent to kill, or moving black wind around him--run like hell, as far away as you can!

Unless something happens to ever revert Kazuma back to his very, very dangerous ways again (or if he meets someone a lot like Lapis), he's very in control of himself. Kazuma won't get stuck in the past with his anger controlling his abilities again otherwise. He'd rather have that part of him gone forever than let the raw emotions of rage control him again.

Try to be Kazuma's friend without triggering anything to cause him to be in your face, well, he has no qualms over that. He can be a nice guy when he wants to be. Apart from his father, or for instance toward people who'd kill people like his former sweetheart in cold blood, he's decent.

When it comes to business, it's just business. He'll work with anyone who could afford his services. If you're even a scumbag with a rich estate, he'll do what he can to dispose your demonic spirits or track down a missing person for probably at least half of what you have. Or steal back something you lost for maybe more. If there's someone else who badly wants his help and is willing to pay more, it's likely he'll go work for the other person.

What he absolutely would not do for money is cause mass amounts of trouble toward others or take lives, for example. That's not his style.

Abilities: His control over the wind is extensive and incredible. Without having to call on the Spirits of the Wind for that extra power to take down a really strong bad guy, there's a number of incredible things he can do on his own. He can fly and carry up to three people with him. He's able to detect what's natural or what's not natural in the area around him by feeling the air currents. In reflecting light and a little air bending in combination, he can cloak himself from being seen. He can listen in on conversations from afar, even through a slightly open window he'd be able to find first, depending mainly on how close a person is to that window. Any little breeze that he could have come his way carrying the sound waves makes him able to hear whatever is said while hiding himself in the process.

Kazuma can launch up to several blasts of wind to cut into his enemies, and create a barrier to shield himself and anyone close by that he'd want to protect. It's also a given that he is able to manipulate some electricity, with high speed wind friction creating static electricity.

As he is able to feel the auras of other magic users, it is likely he can track down ordinary folks, as long as he gets to be someplace where the person once was as a starting point.

That's only some of the things he can do with wind magic.

He also has some street fighting skills and an ability to read people's intentions up to a certain degree.

It's not easy hiding stuff from him. Kazuma is very down to earth around people, and listens attentively while observing. He may not exactly be an expert lie detector, but surely he knows how a portion of the world works, from experience living outside of Japan.

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